Sri Lanka tour Packages Offering the Best of for Newly Weds

If you are traveler you know Sri Lanka is one famous traveling destination in the world now. If you like you can check Sri Lankan afficial travel website.

Getting married and going for a hustle free honeymoon is what every newlywed couple usually wishes for. When it comes to getting the right tour packages the frustration that many usually are left with at the end of it all usually goes down as the worst honeymoon. This is for the simple reason that what was promised is far from what is delivered. In this case to avoid any disappointments, getting the wedding special Sri Lanka tour packages is the best thing to do to get the most memorable time ever. So what exactly does one get?

One extra day

When it comes to booking for a specified number of days at the hotel of your choice, one gets to have one extra day and leave when one is good and ready. With most tour packages usually expecting one to vacate the premises soon after breakfast. In this case one will be able to take their time and the scenery all in before actually moving out.

All meals accounted for

When it comes to having those quiet bonding times during honeymoon, going out to look for a restaurant to eat in is usually last on the mind. In this regard one does not have to worry as the Sri Lanka tour packages have everything included. In simple terms when one is hungry and it happens to be meal time all one has to do is order and eat.


Going place to place and exploring Sri Lanka’s best tourist sceneries and making memories is usually a given. However with the chances of getting lost in a foreign country is usually high ,to ensure this does not happen the Sri Lanka tour package offers sightseeing packages for all who want it. This way each couple can go ahead and enjoy the days without thinking of the way back to their hotel. Gazebotours is one of best tour companies you can choose without a doubt.

Flights included

To complete the Sri Lanka tour packages to make it all rounded an inflight package is available to those who want nothing but the very best. In this case there is no need to look for flight bookings and all one has to remember is their departure time. This way once confirmations are done what one needs to concentrate on is having the most fun.


When it comes to arriving at the airport, transportation packages are usually offered at an all-inclusive fee. In this regard going from place to place and to the hotel becomes more of a tour than a hustle.

Are you are traveling to Melbourne Australia ?

Melbourne is indeed one of the most strategic cities in Australia. The city is the capital city of Victoria, one of Australia’s largest states. One thing that sets Melbourne apart from many other cities in the world is the city’s connection with the wider Australian historical heritage. The city is lined up with a collection of Victorian era building which serves to emphasize both Victoria’s and Australia’s historical heritage. The city of Melbourne has a population of slightly over 4 million people. The city boasts of having one of the most diverse populations in the world with a significant number of the city’s residents coming from various parts of the world including Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America.

Tourism is indeed one of the cornerstone economic activities in Melbourne. The city is home to several high class tourist hotels including the Stamford Plaza, Park Hyatt, the Langham Hotel and the Melbourne Marriot Hotel among others. These hotels offer accommodation facilities to thousands of tourist who flock into the city every year to engage in various recreational activities. Some of these recreational activities that are available right within the heart of the city include: a visit to some of the city’s largest parks including Luna Park or Wonderland Fun Park, taking kayaking lessons in the Yarra river, participating in balloon rides or a visit to the National Gallery of Victoria which will offer you an opportunity to learn about the city’s and state’s history.

In addition to tourism, another aspect that Melbourne is renowned for is its high class education facilities. The city is home to some of the most established higher learning institutions in the world. Some of the major international universities and colleges in Melbourne include: University of Melbourne, Monash University, Deakin University, La Trobe University and Melbourne Business School. These universities and colleges offer high quality education and they attract students from all part of the globe.

One of the most defining characteristics of any city is the driving experience especially for new drivers. Manual Driving School is one best driving school in Melbourne. If you stay in Melbourne longer and if you need a place to get driving lessons Melbourne and license you can check that school. Actually Driving around the city of Melbourne is an easy and rewarding experience. The city has many motorways designed to get you to your destination within the shortest possible time and in a very convenient fashion. The presence of many motorways means that there is significantly less traffic on the road and therefore enhancing the overall driving experience within the city. Moreover, driving around Melbourne is one of the most convenient ways of seeing some of the city’s amazing features.

How to plan your gulet vacation

For those of you that don’t know, Gulets are traditional Turkish sailboats. Most of them now use diesel, but the boats are still pretty much the same. Here’s how you can plan your very own Gulet vacation in Turkey.


First of all, although a traditionally Turkish concept, Gulets are also available as charter boats in Greece, Spain, and Italy. Though used for sailing in the Mediterranean, some are also designed and operated for river cruises as well.

Most Gulet cruises last for a week or so, so plan your trip accordingly. Flexible charters are more expensive. Choose a company that suits your budget. Higher the budget, more the amenities and luxuries. Many gulet charter turkey companies also offer facilities like a private guide, land activities, sightseeing, and water sports. Choose and plan an itinerary that suits you best. The type of food may also change based on your budget, so see that there is a reasonable trade-off between frugality and luxury while choosing your cruise.

The price of the cruise is also heavily dependent on the season. July to October is usually peak tourist season in Turkey so expect cruises to charge top dollar. October to May is usually the time to go if you’re on a tight budget.

Factor other expenses like activities on land, shopping, and tips into your calculations, as they may add to quite a large sum later on. Plan your trip so that you don’t have to double back to places you’ve already seen after your cruise. Integrate into the flow of your vacation. Most tourists start their vacations from the capital. Popular post-cruise destinations include the Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia Museum, and the Goreme National Park.

If planned carefully, Gulet cruises may turn out to be the highlight of your entire Turkish vacation. They also take up a significant chunk of your budget. Check out, take your time to plan and choose your trip to make the most out of this wonderful opportunity.